Intellio Video System 4

Intellio Video System 4 (IVS4) has become more efficient than ever before – thanks to its new functions. Intelligent Live View acts as a proactive alarming function as it can keep track of the target person across camera views. Event-based search functions help find an event in the recorded footage in a matter of seconds. Thanks to its additional intelligent solutions, IVS4 meets users’ expectations of up-to-date surveillance systems: in fact, innovative functions exceed these expectations, while preserving the system’s renowned reliability. IVS4 supports all the intelligent video analytics functions and detectors of Intellio cameras and it is an ONVIF Profile S compliant product.

New features and main functions of IVS4

This is how security is enhanced with intelligent functions:

• Tripwire detection



• Virtual markers make surveillance easy from the control room



• Rapid search of recorded events



This is how the efficient operation is implemented:

• Maintenance and system upgrade


• Immediate alert of camera errors


• The system is supported with a detailed status monitoring



Further intelligent functions:

• Intelligent live view


• Interactive 3d map showing each camera and its view


• Dynamic PTZ control


• Viewing PTZ records the same way as fixed cameras (frozen view)


Number of Intellio cameras Recommended maximum: 80 cameras / server
Number of ONVIF cameras and encoders Recommended maximum: 60 cameras / server
Video compression Intellio Video Codec; MPEG4; H.264; H.265; MJPEG
Audio compression G.711, G.726, AAC
Maximum recording speed 1200 fps / server
Event storage time 360 days
Local storage Windows file systems (FAT32, NTFS)
Network Attached Storage (NAS) SMB/CIFS supported
Emergency storage Temporary storage if network storage is down
Long-term storage* Increased storage time through filtering stored footage
Storage rules Unlimited number of storage groups; Required days to store; Maximum allowed days to store; Storage mode (continuous/motion-based/no storage); Maximum recording speed per camera ; Storage even if no motion is detected; Pre-/Post-alarm time; Week scheduler; Exceptions (handling holidays and unique time intervals), Optional storage mode in case of an alarm
Multi-Server Site Support (IVS-SITE) Maximum 2-4 servers can be connected to compose a site*
Load Balancing Load Balancing divides the network load evenly among servers. By enabling this feature the server storage use will be more balanced out while the system’s overall reliability improves, and response times become shorter.
Camera Takeover This feature ensures that in the event of a server failure recording is not interrupted. Other servers within the site automatically take over the cameras of the failed server for recording.
Domain Support (IVS-DOMAIN) Connecting individual sites (of diverse locations) into a single domain through wide area networks makes it possible to monitor all of the cameras of all of the sites from one interface.
Max. connected clients 2 – unlimited* (simultaneous connections; IVS client or IMC mobile client)
Number of user profiles 2 – unlimited*
LDAP authentication Supported*
Automatic License Plate Recognition (IVS-ANPR) Using CARMEN ® ANPR License, image processing and camera number limitations dependent on the number of licenses and CPU performance (max. 4 cameras / server)
Real time Face Detection Image processing and camera number limitations dependent on CPU performance (max. 4 cameras / server)
Live Monitoring 60 cameras simultaneously (on 2 displays)
Split Screen Layouts 11 camera views 4:3 layouts (max. 5 × 6 cameras), 10 camera views 16:9 layouts (max. 5 × 4 cameras)
Display Resolution Min.: 1366 × 768; Max: 1920 × 1080 (FullHD) (recommended)
Number of displays Recommended max. 2 Displays / Client
Monitor Wall Support* Remote control of monitoring workstations; Select views; Select cameras
Views Unlimited number of views; Advance freeze-frame images
Intelligent Live View* Automatic display toggle triggered by alarms
PTZ Control Vector based PTZ control; Presets; Patrolling task; Intelligent 3D Map based PTZ control
Navigate Between Cameras* Easy navigation from one camera to another (click OSD arrows)
Interactive 3D Map* Street Map; 3D Building View; Floor plans for each storey; Live View and Alarm Display
Panorama View Interlinked images of unlimited megapixel cameras even in multiple rows and Gigapixel resolution
Multi-channel Playback Maximum 16 cameras simultaneously; Forward/Backward; Fast (max 30×) or Slow Speed (min 0.2×)
Bookmarks* Setting Bookmarks; Quick Playback; Export
Slideshow Search Thumbnail based event search, using maximum 4 cameras simultaneously
PTZ Preset Based Playback* Convenient playback of footage recorded in selected preset positions
Intelligent Event Search Interactive display of detector events with Quick View
Intelligent Motion Search (IVS-SPB) Quick, metadata-based retrieval using virtual detectors
Intelligent Object Search (IVS-SPB) Searching for objects appearing and disappearing in the selected area
Export Options Freeze Frame Image, Video Stream, Data export
Supported Video Formats Intellio Video Codec; MPEG-4; H.264; H.265 (AVI)
Supported Image Formats BMP, JPEG, PNG
Supported Data Formats *.CSV (Excel), *.TXT (Text), SQL (MySQL, MSSQL)
I/O Actions Camera I/O control; controlling the I/O port of multi I/O devices connected to the server
Partitions Detector scheduling, Creating action groups
Alarm actions Send email; Go to PTZ preset; Log events automatically saved into database; Launch program; Camera alarm state action; I/O actions; Toggling Storage Mode
ONVIF Multi-channel live video (MJPEG, MPEG-4, H.264, H.265); Audio support (G.711, G.726, AAC) with audio sensor; PTZ control (with Presets); Motion Detector; Event; I/O port support
RTSP Multi-channel live view (MJPEG, MPEG-4, H.264, H.265) with server-side motion detector; Audio support (G.711, G.726, AAC) with audio sensor;
Processing external events Supported
Intellio Video SDK (IVS-SDK) Live View; Processing live events; Playback and Event Query; PTZ control; Display live video stream using web interface
* depending on license
  IVS4 – SOHO IVS4 – Corporate IVS4 – Enterprise
Max. number of connected clients 2 4 unlimited
Max. user profiles 2 4 unlimited
Server number (max. number / site) - 2* 4*
Site number (max. number / domain) - 4* unlimited*
Mobile Client + + +
Event Management + + +
Intelligent Search + + +
Bookmark (new) - + +
PTZ Preset Based Search - + +
Interactive 3D Map - + +
Intelligent Live View (new) - + +
Navigation (new) - + +
Camera-side Storage - + +
Emergency Storage - + +
Long-term Storage (new) - + +
Network Attached Storage - + +
VisiScanner age and gender detection - + +
Active directory (LDAP) Support - - +
Site Support - o o
Domain Support - o o
SDK Integration - o o
Monitor Wall – Enterprise - - o
Server side number plate recognition - o o
Support - + +

*   Site or Domain module needed for each server

-   not available

+   included in package

o   optionally available module

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